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Althout it might not include some of my latest project, I hope you can get the idea of my design style and how I solve problems.
Here I will share my story, my background and why do I find myself as an appropriate candidate for the job. Check it out ! 👇
Ok, I have tons of web sites behind me, structured, designed and coded. In the last 2 years, I have been working for a company that is working on 3 big projects in telecommunications. We are preparing initial release within the ending of the next month. Thus even if I would love to share those designs I am not allowed to do so becauseof the NDA I signed. We are working on a b2b platform which is very large and complex. It includes full documentation, licensing, mobile app, web app, web site and much more.
I have prepared some of my previous work that I am allowed to showcase now! 💪
Some of them are hosted on my server. The Innovation company I used to work for, have wiped out and changed a lot of stuff including domains. So to be on the safe side and show you only my work I hosted some of the landing pages. 

1. MeversusU ICO

My role in this job was to structure, design and develop the page ground up.

On this job, I had enough time to make a fancy and animated landing section which is my forte. We started with content strategy, writing down what is the purpose of the web site. We also figured out how should we measure success and defined goals. In this case, it was simple, because the page should attract gamers. The ultimate goal was to collect as many backers as possible, so development could start.



2. Aiportn

I designed this page for the app promotional purposes. As always my questions to client ware:
-Why are we building this?
-What is the goal of the web site?
-Who are the potential customers?
-From where will they land on this page?

Based on this I created sections of the web site that the client reviewed. Once we defined content, designing and coding the page was easy and fast.

Link to a website


3. Pantepic Messenger

This web site has a somewhat different story. My role here was not to design nor code. From start to finish I monitored the production and mentored junior designer. It was difficult how I had to compromise between the deadline and output quality. I am still not happy with designs, but we managed to meet the deadline and deliver results on time. That was our primary goal in this job.

4. SkyBet 5050 Live

Once CSS grids appeared, my coding skills got exploded. I was able to provide decent and functional landing pages in less than a day.
From concept to code, this simple web site had one goal, to take place for this betting concept on the market as soon as possible.

5. Web Site Templates

Creating something with real content is one thing and even if it looks simple, it is not. Balancing between right words that fit into the design can be difficult. My experience as DTP professional got me thinking about words length and the number of text lines.
Here are a few examples where I got total content freedom. 
In this portfolio, I have included some case study examples and a PDF document showing only UI.
Most of the apps and Concepts you see here I have designed ground up. That includes branding colors, logos, guides, general design style. They might not be my latest because I can’t share my current work due the NDA. I Will be able share something in a timely maner, once it’s released ! 
I am the guy that truly believes that if you are the real master of your work, tools are not important! This means I can use almost any design software, one of my superpowers is to learn and adapt to new tools very fast. Although this can be because I have almost 10 years in the design industry. When I started doing design, the best tool we had was Photoshop and Illustrator. Now we have a bunch of other cloud programs that make our lives easy.
These days I use Figma very often, it is one of the best collaborative tools of today. I do have strong experience with Adobe Xd, Invision, Sketch, MarvelApp, Principle and Afinity. Not to mention old school programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. I even remember I did app designs in powerpoint ( about 9 years ago ), and it looked great!
Check it out 👇
For wireframing only, sometimes I still prefer pen and paper ( because it is the fastest helloo). Unfortunately this only works for intern purposes. For customer discussion and collaboration, I use Affinity Designer and my iPad Pro. Drawing wireframes with an Apple pencil is fast and it looks very clean and professional!

Sometimes I use Balsamiq as well, Figma also does the job. Point of the wireframe is that we should focus on user experience and functionality things first. Everyone has a different taste for fonts and colors.

Here is an iPad Pro Example 👇

Yes, right now I am leading team of 5 people made out of 2 junior designers and 2 front end developers. I have a leading position for almost 2 years. My daily obligations are to delegate tasks and check other peoples work. While doing so, I noticed how important it is to give positive feedback first. Some designers I have worked with in the past, tend to feel demotivated if they don’t feel the importance of their role. So I always care about other people opinion by asking questions. Providing exact and precise instructions in Jira ( or other ) is one of the skills that I have acquired. I watch carefully how other people feel allways giving my best to keep them motivated.
Of course, I also experienced procrastination from the team.
It is a situation where I had to react. Giving sticks instead of carrots 🥕 😅
( ok Im joking, but seriously there ware few situations where being nice just doesn’t work ). I had to request multiple times that the job had to be done.
The entire team is quite big about 30 people.Its made from android, iOS , backend, QA, marketing team and of course design team. Beeing design team leader, got me into situations and discussions with all the other teams. One thing I learned on this role is how to compromise between what is feasible and what is not. Sometimes sacrificing perfection for progress is something we can’t evade. Afterall progress is what keeps us moving forward, but Im still a perfectionist. 
Yes, a few years ago I have worked for innovation and marketing agency. The owner used to run a blog with articles related to innovations we worked on. I wrote a few articles about projects I have designed .
I also wrote some case studies that you can find in my portfolio 👆.
Although content writing is not my core skill, I learned how to hit the target audience. Content is the king let’s face it. If viewers understand value and importance of what they read they will keep doing it.

One thing I am very good at is how to define content that users will find interesting. I like to conduct tests and research, following closely how users react to what they read.


Ps. Blog is designed and coded by me as well, same goes for videos.
Created tons of them. I lost count years ago.
As you know a bunch of those are classified, so I can’t share them all.
Sometimes I got the content and did design only. Sometimes I was in charge of content creation strategy and design. I will share a few and explain a bit more about their purpose and strategy.
I ask questions so I can learn as much as possible about :
Who are they for? What are the benefits? Why do people need it? Then I try to compare it to other products or services and notice the differences. Eventually, we come out with a strategy that points out the product or service in a unique way. Emphasizing on strengths and promoting facts is very important in sales presentations. That is how content should be based.
There is no general template for this, but this could be one of the methods, by answering these questions.
What is this?
What is the problem we are solving?
Who is it for? 
Display statistics and facts
Display Solution ( product ) Emphasize Strengths
The Value that provides compared to others
What sets us apart?
Who we are ( happy talk )

People say ( testimonials bellow 👇) that I am very good at Ux, Visual UI, UI Animations, Promotional Videos, Web& App Design and Code, Presentations and Team Lead.

I have a good eye for design and composition. I was raised in the artsy family.
What I would like to improve by doing more, is drawing illustrations on my iPad pro. I am pretty good with Procreate which I do as a hobby right now.

I also would like to get a chance to write more articles.I use Grammarly and Hemingway  in order to provide nicely comprehensible content.

Something that got my attention recently is WebFlow. Its a cloud software for a visual web site creation. It expors clean code ! Its a modern tool that I have got my hands on. I would like to use it even more ! 🙂

I would also like to learn more about team lead and organization and continue to the path I took. I have lots of experience about Scrum and Design Sprints. Design sprints are something that I truly believe in and would like to learn more about it .


I would like to carry on doing UI design as well because I find it very enjoyable and pleasing.

Yes, quite a few. Here are some examples that I did. First one is for an organisations between chairperson, director, and other teams. This was an example for a pitch deck, how organized flow should be. Correlation goes both ways in the flow. Everyone responds to the director. Director responds to the chairperson and the board.

The other process is not so simple, it reflects how people from different companies should work togetherThis flow was build for testing new and innovative ideas and development. The whole flow is quite big, it starts with the CEO that has a close relation with CEO steering committee. We went back and forth with a lot of changes here, each department had its own input. In the end, we came up with this flow that got approved by another company. It was successful and we got teams organized after a few tweaks.

What people say🙏

Milos has a motor on him and incredible imagination. From conception to evolution process he's a valuable teammate for what we're looking to accomplish. Highly recommend his skills and professional approach.

Brandon - Rip Bull Networks on Upwork CEO

Vasiljevic is a hands on product innovator who consistently delivers customer centric designs. He is an established designer and developer capable of collecting user experience data of every aspect and is highly skilled in turning that data into product.

Cianán Clancy on LinkedIn Product Innovation Strategist

Apart from a great UI/UX designer, he is a capable, multitasking and focused team leader. His project management skills are effective and result oriented. His vision and visualization of a project go from inception to launch. Under his leadership, I always found him ready to help and support me so that I can eliminate any obstacle and deliver better results. It was a great experience working under his supervision.

Rohit - Rip Bull Networks on LinkedIn Ux Engineer and Front End Designer

During his time at Klever, Milos was a great asset to our team.He completed every assignment on time. Milos is not someone that needs hand-holding. He is a self-learner, and team player at the same time.His input was very valued by all of our team members.From UX/UI to landing pages for our paid marketing campaigns, his work was always very well put together and thought out. Milos writes very clean code as well and was even using his spare time to learn required technologies for certain projects.

Marc - Klever Ltd on LinkedIn Agency Owner

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