Get to the Airport Fast Mobile App

Client: Irish Data and Cloud Cluster
Services: Mobile App Design , User Experience , Web Design , Video Editing


I designed this Mobile App for the customers who need to get to the nearest airport fast. The app will guide them through the whole process, from the couch in their living room, to the destination they want to go. It will show the most convenient way to get to the desired flight, with the option of buying a “Quick Pass”, for those in a hurry.

In a brief, the client and me came up with the possible solution for the common problems of the targeted audience.  I designed the app, with selected fonts, color gradients, icon styles and logo. User-testing group was organized and I was in charge of organizing their feedback. After implementation of the feedback we got from the users, I polished the mobile app and finished the process. As a part of the mobile app’s promotional strategy, I designed a desktop landing page (front-end coded), and an app promo video.

Mobile App Design

I designed this App for the people who are in a danger of missing their flight.  My idea behind it was to make something which will guide the customers from their living room to the airplane seat they booked.

I presumed that the customers will be in a hurry. That’s why the App will provide them the time needed to get to the airport and  they will even have an option to call Uber, or a Taxi, which will help them to catch the flight.

For the ones who will get to the flight in the last second, we designed Quick Pass, which will allow the customers to quickly pass the checkpoints on the airport and be in their plane as soon as possible. Dublin airport and the Heathrow supported the idea of Quick Pass.

If the flight is canceled or late, the App has an ability to track it and while the customers are waiting they can access the App Shop, play games, or watch television within the App.

After the flight, the customers will have an ability to call Uber or Taxi service again, which will guide them to their Hotel.

User Experience

After User A/B Testing, we got valuable feedback which we incorporated into the final App design. For example, some of the users disliked color paterns of the App, so we decided to provide a black and white design, after which they focused on the App options instead.

The idea behind the App which will lead the user from the couch in their living room to the airport came from User A/B Testing. After we incorporated it, the feedback was great.

Generally speaking, User Experience was positive.

Landing Page Design

As I said in the introduction, I am a perfect pixel junkie and I love clean design. All elements are there with a good reason, the call-to-action buttons are placed near the top of the page, with the design well-known to the customers.

Every important function of the App is presented in the landing page to boost the conversions.

Video Editing

I choose this template from Envato and optimized it by using Adobe After Effects.

The video was important in the App promotional strategy, and it was a great success.

Bot for Facebook Messenger Concept

I came up with the concept of Bot for Facebook Messenger. It was programmed to answer frequently asked questions of the customers. It is designed to save time for the customers in a hurry.

The Facebook Messenger Bot is crucial for the App like this – it can help the customer to win that race against the time.

Facebook Bot acted as an App support, it has all the important features of the App.

This was my first Facebook Bot I designed and I was very happy with the end result.


Administrator Back-end

I designed the Admin Panel where the admin can monitor the traffic and everything else which can affect the road to the desired airplane.

Admin panel has a built-in sensor which shows the number of people on the airport. By using this panel, admin can quickly update the information necesary for the customers.


What I learned

This App was getting lots of feedback from the beginning of the testing. I learned to separate valuable chunks of information and incorporate it to the final design of the App.

Also, I learned how the smallest tweaks in design can lead to a massive boost in conversions.

I learned the importance of Facebook Bots and how to use it to complement the Mobile App.

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