BMW Improved App Design

Client: Bmw Improvement Concept
Services: User Experience , User Interface App Design , Micro Animations


I improved the official BMW Mobile App using the Apps from their competitors as a reference. I wanted to improve user experience and functionality of the official App and answer popular market demands at the time.

The customers rated BMW official App poorly, and I used that feedback to incorporate new features into my design. BMW is one of the best car manufacturers in the world, and I wanted to design the Mobile App which would be up to those standards.

Mobile App Design

I improved BMW official App by using other top-rated Apps as a guide. Based on user experience, I incorporated several new features into the final App design. I did micro-animations as well.

For example, my idea was to have only one button for locking/unlocking the vehicle. Also, I have incorporated software remote controller and allowed storing the journeys and parking footage remotely to the App.

Also, I included the innovative Summon option, which was first used by Tesla, into the final App design.

User Experience

I had an excellent feedback from our testing group, and I could also use the public feedback on the official BMW App. That allowed me to design the best possible App for the BMW owners. One of the common requests within the test group was simplified and clean design, which is my forte. Also, I included driving remote option on the App and a joypad for easier control. I am confident that I delivered what they asked for.

Behance Showcase Design

The Behance showcase was a part of a promotional strategy, and I designed it from the scratch. I included the new features of the App and presented its main selling points to the customers.

What I Learned

Designing of this App made me think how even the biggest companies in the world make mistakes. I truly believe that my version of the BMW Mobile App had a better design and functionality than the official BMW Connected Mobile App.

Also, I learned how to incorporate modern micro-animations into the App in a quest to make something which stands out from the crowd.

Client: Bmw Improvement Concept
Services: User Experience , User Interface App Design , Micro Animations

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