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Client: Concept of my Own
Services: Ux , Ideation , Innovation , Vr


I designed this App for the customers who are tired of conventional ways of learning the English language. English teaching bot can replace a professional tutor and it is especially important for the beginners, who are reluctant to talk with real people because they think their English is rubbish.

E-Bot uses the latest tehnology to communicate with the user. Introducing VR goggles to the process will revolutionaze the whole field. It is an exciting new way of learning, and it had spectacular results during the testing phase. In the future, you won’t need a teacher, you will learn everything you need with an AI Bot!

Mobile App Design

I designed the App from the scratch. Basically, I incorporated regular English learning practices into the new concept of VR Learning. The whole idea and the implementation are mine, and I strongly believe that this is the future of learning.

EBot can be used on mobile and desktop devices. It is suitable for both native and non-native speakers. EBot works with Amazon Echo and Google Home to provide the perfect Home-learning experience. It can be used with Google VR, Microsoft Hololens and Oculus Rift.

User Experience

I included both sexes, all ages and both native and non-native speakers into the user testing group. The feedback I got was encouraging and everybody like the idea of VR learning. Since this is only a concept, I hope that the fully designed App will go live in the future.

Landing Page Design

I designed the landing page of the EBot App from the scratch. I had a full control over this design, and you can see my signature in it – clean design and a code which is easily adaptable, with a spice of micro-animations that is really important for user experience.

FireShot Capture 7 – Ebot English Teaching Bot – http___www.ebot.it_

What I learned

The E-bot learning is a concept I sent to Enterprise Ireland and some other funding sources. I didn’t get a funding yet, but I learned what should I do to get it in the future.

The App doesn’t need an admin, and a VR is not mandatory, it is only an added option for the users. The customers can use it with a smart speaker and the test results have shown that the learning curve is going through the roof with this concept. That’s why I firmly believe that this is the future of learning and I hope I will be able to get the funding for this App in the foreseeable future.

Client: Concept of my Own
Services: Ux , Ideation , Innovation , Vr
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