Facebook Pay Master Card Concept

Client: Irish Data and Cloud Cluster
Services: User Experience , User Interface App Design , Behance Design


Facebook Pay App is a concept built around the possibilities of the biggest social network in the world. My idea behind it was to use Facebook Messenger as a convenient tool for making swift and secure payments with the people and companies all around the world.

The App concept has a clean design and provides a personalized one-touch system both for sending and receiving the money. Facebook Pay App allows money exchange as well, have no hidden fees, and the concept even includes a special Facebook Pay Master Card for withdrawing the money directly from the ATM, all around the world.

Mobile App Concept

My associate came up with the idea behind this App concept, but I was fully responsible for the design solutions and implementation. The Facebook Pay design perfectly fits into Facebook Messenger and Facebook landing page design.

Combining two huge brands, such as Facebook and Master Card into one concept is tricky. Since Facebook platform serves as a cornerstone of this concept, Facebook Pay uses Facebook color patterns, as you can see in the pictures below.

Behance Showcase Design

Facebook Pay behance showcases the most important features of the App concept. The potential customers can learn everything they need to know about the App from that page. The biggest selling points of the App were put under the spotlight.

User Experience

We created a user testing group from Facebook users who are spending time on the site on a daily basis. We included both millennials and older users and we concluded that clean design, which perfectly fits in Facebook landing page and especially the official Facebook App, works best.

What I learned

This concept requires cooperation of Facebook and Master Card. That happens from time to time, and it would be great if the concept behind this become reality in the future.

During this project, I learned how to save the uniqueness and the most important features of both brands, while perfectly blending them together into the new, and yet recognizable design of the Facebook Pay Master Card.

Client: Irish Data and Cloud Cluster
Services: User Experience , User Interface App Design , Behance Design

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