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Client: Irish Data and Cloud Cluster
Services: User Experience , User Interface App Design , Web Design


I designed this Mobile App in a quest to make the life of Parkinson’s disease patients easier. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. In the process, I read a lot about the illness, which helped me to learn how to create a  Mobile App specialized for the people with disabilities or illnesses.

The main features of the App are Speach, Balance, Gait, Dexterity and Tremor tests, which can show the patient his overall condition on a daily basis. The daily medication schedule is also included in the App, so the patient can easily check his prescription therapy at any time. The App has an alarm that will remind the patient to take his medications.

Mobile App Design

I built the Mobile App around the feedback I got from the doctors, med students, patients and their relatives. We used medical literature as well, to make sure that our exercises are suitable for the patients. Also, I wanted to create the best available App on the market at the time, so I examined the interface and the options of competitor’s Apps. You can see the comparison between mine and one of those Apps in the pictures below.


First and foremost, I designed the biggest action buttons possible, because of the Parkinson’s symptoms. Even with a significant tremor, the patients should be able to use the App. After that, using the feedback I got from the user testing, I came up with the exercises for the patients. The App provides tests and exercises for speech, balance, gait, dexterity, and tremor. You can see the details of each of those exercises in the pictures below.

Also, the App has a built-in medicaments calendar with an alarm, which keeps patients updated about their therapy on a daily basis.

User Experience

The user testing process was the key to a successful App for Parkinson’s patients. I gathered the feedback with extreme care and paid extra attention to the details. It was immensely important to include large buttons for the sake of App functionality. Also, the exercises were modified to suit the needs of the patients in the best possible way.

We formed a test group out of ten people. Some of them were patients, some of them were relatives of the patients, and some of them were medical staff. We asked them several questions: What are the common problems that Parkinson’s patients must overcome on a daily basis? What is the most important thing about this disease? What can affect the condition of the patient? After that, we gathered answers and came up with the test concept which worked perfectly. Also, the test uses gyroscope and phone sensors for accurate measuring of the tremor.

Developers clearly worked with doctors on this App and used all relevant medical literature about Parkinson's. They successfully addressed the most common problems of the patients, and incorporated solutions for those problems into one Mobile App.

Milan Stojanovic Gp Doctor

The condition of Parkinson's patients is changing on a daily basis. The App designers did a tremendous job when they incorporated the tests before the exercises, so the patient can check his condition at that particular moment.

Jovana Perovic Pharmacy Student

I would love to have this App on my mobile phone. I think it would help me to overcome daily difficulties of Parkinson's.

John Patient

Landing Page Design

The landing page was designed from scratch, as a part of a promotional strategy.

All major features of the App were mentioned on the page.



What I learned

The most important thing I learned from designing this App is how to create a helpful Mobile App for the people with specific medical problems.

I also learned how to get the most out of the user testing and pay attention to the slightest details, which can make the difference between a great and helpful mobile App and an App with a limited functionality.

In the process, cooperation and communication with the people from other professions was crucial, and I was very happy to interact and discuss the details about the App with them. It was a fruitful cooperation and I had no problems to listen and incorporate their precious knowledge into App design.

Client: Irish Data and Cloud Cluster
Services: User Experience , User Interface App Design , Web Design
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