Traditional Cuban Dice Game

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This game was developed as a proof of concept for messaging SDK that the company was building. I designed the game in illustrator and photoshop, as Figma could not help much with fine vector adjustments. The game itself is pretty easy to play. Something like poker with dices.
I was inspired by Cubano beaches while designing this game and I really enjoyed. I wish to have more projects like this in the future.
The game had, onboarding, lobby, invite friends, settings and chat!
Another designer was hired to do the job, and it looked like this.

The stakeholder was not happy with the designs. And I pointed out that the game itself could have a somewhat cartoonish game look. Then we agreed that inspiration could be the beach as on Cuba this game is played on all kinds of wooden tables.

I created a few screens of the game than defined the style. Once it was approved by stakeholder I started with designing assets. After that, I designed all the screens, one by one in photoshop with smart layers. Than where needed I edit assets in Illustrator.
After I had all the screens, I created the Marvel App prototype and shared it with developers. Assets also had to be extracted for them.

In the end, I designed play store screenshots that looked like this.

Promo Graphics Banner
Promo Graphics Banner1
Promo Graphics Banner3
Promo Graphics Banner4

The Web Site

The web site had to be designed pretty fast, as the deadline was very tight. 

There ware room only for one-pager web page. And I wanted to include nice graphics from the game itself. Game design and web site design should match so one branding is applied to both.

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